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  • example of user interface for searching, analyzing, and curating data
  • example of box-and-whiskers plot for patients' progression free survival with thiopurine by genotyping panel
  • example of data preview for patient response to thiopurine
  • example of step chart for patient response to thiopurine by PFS, BMI, treatment, race, and number of lesions

We: are shaping the next phase of Precision Medicine.

5AM is a SaaS software provider to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Founded in 2003, 5AM is a Delaware C Corp with 35 US Based Employees, $7M in annual revenue, and transitioning from Services to Product with the co-development of a new data platform with our first SaaS customer.

  • The Challenge

    Clinical trials are breaking under the weight of new data, new regulations, and new economics.

    To produce marketable medicines, pharmaceutical companies must gain better insights into the biological, environmental, and behavioral factors that drive disease.

  • The Problem Defined

    No current method for handling data exploding from wearables, ‘omics, patient reported outcomes, and imaging.

    No repeatable method for researchers to leverage the immense value consistently from these data sources.

    No re-use of designs, IT infrastructure, and data capture for Clinical Trial.

  • Our Unique Answer

    5AM is the first software company to provide Pharma with a validated, SaaS platform for self-service collection, curation, and management of next generation data – from devices to genomic sequencing.

5AM Sunrise Brings Simplicity to Precision Medicine

The Market

The Precision Medicine technology business is estimated at $40B today with 10.5% CAGR. 5AM projects approximately 10% of this market will be satisfied by 5AM Sunrise™ and supports an ecosystem of analytics, stand alone products and large enterprise providers with strong vertical offerings.

Precision Medicine will drown the current capability of organizations to incorporate genetic data and clinical trial data. Adding observational data on patients using mobile and wearable technologies adds to the complexity and problems. This is required for Precision Medicine to become mainstream.

graph of clinical trial data related effort and cost over time
After 2016, Clinical Trial Data Related Effort and Cost increases over time. In 2017, with 5AM Sunrise™, it will decrease over time.

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About 5AM Solutions

Since the dawn of the genomics era, 5AM Solutions has been providing its clients with innovative customized technology and software products that use data to improve patient care and treatment of disease.

The domain experience of their experts in the biomedical space is second to none—it is the foundation of their unique ability to provide customers with highly specialized software solutions to address some of the toughest challenges facing the industry, including: Data Ingestion and Curation, Data Aggregation and Matching, Data Interpretation and Visualization, and Software Product Development.